Sunday, October 28, 2012

Are we Socially Sensitive enough?!

Today I was going from my college to McDonalds (Himayat Nagar)... It was just another day for me going in bus... But what I saw today was the reality of Indian youth. How sensitive are they toward the social issues!
Many of us says...We (youth) are  very responsible toward social issues and we takes action to prevent them.

But what I saw today, has changed my thinking..

while going to McD in bus I saw a 10 to 14 year boy who was fixing a bike of a girl whose age was between 21-25 years...
whats wrong in this??
everyday we see this everywhere what the big deal.??
My matter of concern is
Girl knows about Child labour and also knows its an evil practice... even still she was coolly and calmly was seeing him whether he is doing the work properly or not...
rather than saying NO to it and fighting against it!
Its very unfortunate to see the youth are doing this.

We think we are doing something for the society by joining NGO and helping them... but after going from there we forgets those issues what NGO and other organization are working for, and call "CHOTO"  for ordering a chai... or to do some odd work for us!

I know many of you will feel bad for these kids after reading this article...and I also know that You will continue the same what you were doing from the past, I know it is hard to change one habit suddenly.
But I have done my part! what about you?

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  1. Appreciate your effort in analyzing this sad situation. High time we(not only youth) really got socially sensitive.