Monday, May 21, 2018

I may look dumb, but I am not.

I'm happy go lucky type of person, always cheerful. But there are somethings which bother me always. One of them is this.

I always have this question in my mind. Why do people consider me as a someone special or very great person or very intelligent person or lucky person?

Just because I'm physically challenged they often say such things when they say that I can do anythings just like a normal guy.

Actually they don't expect people like me to do things better than them. They expect people like me not to do anything.

One day, I was at a function where a kid was asking me which school do I go? Or which class am I studying?

Or in a bus people often asked me which school do I go or which class am I studying, just like that kid. When I tell them that I'm working at a bank, they look shocked or surprised. 

I remembered back my school days once one of my classmate asked me not to come to school because I don't write anything anyhow and he could sit at my place.

Likewise many more incidents had happened, happening and will continue to happen in the future.

Mostly I just ignore them but those words hurts you when you had a bad day or when you are going through a bad time. It may keep me awake all night long thinking why am I like this, why am I not like normal guys.

I normally don't express my these feelings to my family otherwise they will be tensed about me. I always try to be happy and smiling.

I don't consider myself to be great or special or very intelligent person as they say to me or someone whom they introduce me.
I just do or try to do things like them (normal).

Yes. I do accept that I just need to work harder than them but who doesn't work hard?

There are many people who are more smarter/intelligent then me, but they don't say them, hey! You are very intelligent person. Because they expect them to be smart, intelligent or hardworking. But on the other hand they expect physically challenged to be dependent on someone or not to be intelligent.

They try to show sympathy or too much of concern like how does a handicapped person do normal work. "How did you do this? You have a problem".

I can understand who is actually concerned and who is just faking it. They are two faced people:
On the one hand they show concern and on the other hand they try to pull you down. I had a faculty in my grades days who was like this. She used to praise me when I was around but when I was not around, she used to say like Ajit and Abhinandan (my twin brother) should not do this, they can't do it properly and many more things. It was demoralising. When we (I and Abhinandan) got to know about this, we gave a complaint against her to college authorities.

It is not like I get these types of people to handle everyday. I have met many good people too. But bad people or bad memories have a huge impact on us and make us strong.

I just want to say..
I may look dumb, but I am not.
Almost all people whom I meet their first impression would be like I'm dumb, what am I doing here. But once they came to know me, they understand I'm not dumb but just like them.

I did not choose to be like this, now I'm like this. I'm still happy.

I don't need your Sympathy but your Empathy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whats the different?

Happy Republic day to all.
I'm unable to understand why we celebrate Republic Day and Independent day similarly?
I personally don't find much differences between their celebration, except at the top level where PM of India host the flag in Red Fort on Independent Day, while President host on Republic day.

India achieved independence from colonial rule on August 15, 1947. August 15 is, therefore, celebrated every year as the anniversary of our Independence Day. After attaining independence, a Constituent Assembly was set up to draft a constitution for the country. This constitution came into effect on January 26, 1950, when India became a Republic. January 26 is, therefore, celebrated as the anniversary of India's Republic Day.

Both has all together different purpose of celebrating, but we (public at large) celebrate both of them similarly. 

We just host the flag, sing jan gan man, remember the soldiers who died in the wars, or remember freedom fighters, etc. 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Are we Socially Sensitive enough?!

Today I was going from my college to McDonalds (Himayat Nagar)... It was just another day for me going in bus... But what I saw today was the reality of Indian youth. How sensitive are they toward the social issues!
Many of us says...We (youth) are  very responsible toward social issues and we takes action to prevent them.

But what I saw today, has changed my thinking..

while going to McD in bus I saw a 10 to 14 year boy who was fixing a bike of a girl whose age was between 21-25 years...
whats wrong in this??
everyday we see this everywhere what the big deal.??
My matter of concern is
Girl knows about Child labour and also knows its an evil practice... even still she was coolly and calmly was seeing him whether he is doing the work properly or not...
rather than saying NO to it and fighting against it!
Its very unfortunate to see the youth are doing this.

We think we are doing something for the society by joining NGO and helping them... but after going from there we forgets those issues what NGO and other organization are working for, and call "CHOTO"  for ordering a chai... or to do some odd work for us!

I know many of you will feel bad for these kids after reading this article...and I also know that You will continue the same what you were doing from the past, I know it is hard to change one habit suddenly.
But I have done my part! what about you?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Party?!!

- came 1st?
- Party?!!

- came last?
- Party?!!

- Find a lost thing(s)?
- Party?!!

- Happy for anything?
- Party?!!

- Got a new Pen?
- Party?!!

Party!! Party!! Party!!

Why I ask party for each & every small things?
I know, many of you want to know this. so, here I go.

1st thing I want to say... I don't really mean I want a big party!! (lunch, dinner or otherwise). Party for me is anything which one gives from his/her heart, be it 50p chocolate or Rs. 1 chocolate or even a piece polo or anything or don't give anything also. It don't cost much to everyone. I don't want anything, I just ask it for fun. It help me sometime to start a conversation, because I have a problem in starting up conversation, so it is my took to start up talking as when people are happy they talk even with strangers and whenever they are sad, they don't even talk with friends or family also. So I take advantage to it by asking party for such a stupid and silly reason.

I try this even in serious situation as well to make situation lite.

Sometime, I even ask party when somebody is sad or crying to bring a smile on the person's face.
But you should know when to ask party & for what to ask party in sad situation because if you ask party for a wrong time/thing, then be ready to face consequences.

So, don't ask me again "Why Party?!!" and you know it why I ask Party..

I'll happy if you give PARTY every time when I ask.. and more than Rs. 1 chocolates :P :P

Postscript: Ignore all grammatical errors and Bhavanoo koo Samjhoooo!! :P lol.. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recession is a chance for Betterment!

Recently, the phenomenon called Recession had shocked the whole world.
Recession is a contraction phase of the business cycle… National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) defined Recession: - “significant decline in economic activity lasting more than a few months, which is normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales”.

Cause: - A recession normally takes place when consumers loose confidence in the growth of the economy and spend less. This leads to a decreased demand for goods and services, which in turn leads to a decrease in production, lay-offs and a sharp rise in unemployment.
With globalization, the economic crisis of one country passes to another country in a jiffy and it becomes the problem of the whole world. Like USA’s recession badly affected the whole world.
Betterment from Recession

Recession is a 'reset button' for the economy. When an economy grows various parts of it will get out of balance and the value of various things get distorted. Infect recession is the adjustment of the value of various things (such as housing) from their 'market value' down to their actual value.

Here are some reasons that a recession may be a good time to start a small business:

1. Your competitors are weakened. Because of the recession, your competitors are not only weakened but perhaps even closing up and selling out. Maybe some owners are retiring. All are tightening their belts. There may be a niche for you to slip into if a hole is developing in the marketplace.
2. Most things are cheaper. Prices often drop during a recession. This is called deflation. Low Wage rates, rent, interest rate, cheep raw material etc will prevail in the market.
3. Avoid wastages. Business houses will try to reduce the wastage of raw material. It tries to use them to their optimum level.
4. Use Innovation to Match Supply and Demand.
5. Benefits of reduction of taxation and other formalities.
6. Govt. provides many incentives like reduction in custom and excise duties, SEZ.
& many more…

Recession is re-session for the economy. It acts as a reset button for the economy.